Our company was established in 2012 through the vision of the Mihailou family, to include in the market of Greece, an ancient miraculous plant, Aloe. After a thorough research they selected the variety BARBADENSIS MILLER which is the one with the most active ingredients (over 200), vitamins, trace elements and metals beneficial for the human organism.

The best source for the specific plant was the capital city of aloe, Texas (America) where it thrives and is cultivated by people with long-term experience. At the same time with the introduction of the plants, the family looked for partners-cultivators with a corresponding vision to receive, look after and grow our Aloe with organic means.

With the help of scientifically trained and specialized agronomists of our company and with collective attempt we planted and grew the plants of our aloe on the Cretan soil and climate which maximized their quantity and its beneficial properties always with organic means without fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides.


In 2015 and after the adulthood of the plants (4-5 years that the plant needs so as to obtain beneficial properties) was the time of harvest. At the same time the place where the process of our Aloe started being implemented, in order for the first juice to be created through a vast survey and become known to the public fast initially through chemist’s and then other different shopping spots.


In 2017 a state-of-the-art factory is established in privately owned facilities in the industrial area of Heraklion in Crete, of total stretch 5.500 sq. m., of which 3.000 sq. m. concern premises and the rest 2.500 sq. m. a yard with easy access to load and unload.

Our factory was equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, specialized workforce as well as scientifically trained executives (food technicians and chemists). Under their supervision, with constant analyses, microbiological checks and in partnership with the bioresearch laboratories of Crete, we secured the excellent quality of our products and the preservation of all the trace elements, metals and the vitamins that our Aloe offers.

Our factory functions under the recognized standard (FSSC 22000) by the organization Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), (that represents a complete approach in the food management and safety. This way we secure the excellent quality of our products with respect to nature and human.


In 2018 our company started making business with exports of its products not only in European countries but also in America. By gradually increasing the percentage of our exporting activities, we reinforce the presence and the image of the Greek products in the global market and we support our national economy and development. In conclusion, in Aloe Vera Hellas, we focus besides on our business on the state and social welfare of our city.


In 2020 acknowledged in the field, we process the highest percentage of cultivations in Greece for serving domestic market and exports. Our production increases daily serving other food industries, food supplements and cosmetics in Greece and abroad.