Stevia that is used in juices because of its sugary properties comes exclusively from Greek producers of organic cultivations. It is rich in vitamins A and C, zinc, magnesium calcium,, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

It can be used fearlessly by people who suffer from diabetes, for the check and preservation of the body weight, as well as all those who do not wish or are not allowed to consume sugar in their diet.

Responsible for this are the glycosides of steviol, which give the sweet flavor and are metabolized fully by the human organism.

Also, stevia functions as a tonic, increasing the energy levels and also due to its diuretic effect, helps significantly in the reduction of fluid retention. Thus, by including stevia in our juices, we enjoy their flavours fearlessly, avoiding unnecessary calories and the drawbacks of sugar.

All the ingredients that are added in our juices are from certified suppliers that meet all the European specifications of food safety from their production to their transfer in our facilities.

This way, we secure that anything that is added in our juice is checked and safe reinforcing the quality of our products.