Its rich content in vitamins, enzyme and minerals are not the “only” benefits. The active ingredients transfer the nutritional elements to the internal layers of the skin, while the polysaccharides that it contains, create a grid, preventing the loss of natural moisture.


Containing some of the most powerful antioxidant ingredients, aloe fights the free roots. At the same time, research has proved that it acts in the cells improving the state from viruses and that it causes acceleration in the production of collagen, limiting wrinkles, helping the skin to rejuvenate.

Acne - Oiliness

Its systematic use in acne skin secures spectacular results, since not only does it heal the problem but also prevents it, cleaning the pores and adjusting the sebum. Something that makes it ideal for both oily and/mixed skins.

Sun protection

The antioxidant vitamins and trace elements in its composition prevent photoaging . On the other hand, its soothing and healing properties have been known for centuries. It relieves the skin from the exposure to the sun, and also treats burns.

Air pollution

Its powerful antioxidant effect is combined with its property to increase the activation of oxygen in the skin, strengthening the tissues and preventing skin damages.


Helping with its active ingredients in the regeneration of the tissues, aloe relieves the small signs from scars, cuts and wounds.


- It boosts the immune system.
- It helps in the good function of the digestive system.
- It activates the metabolism and adjusts the weight.
- It has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.
- It stabilizes the levels of sugar in the blood for diabetics.
- It has healing effect and reconstructs the tissue.
- It relieves from the pains in the joints.
- It has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic αντιβιοτική and antifungal effect.
- It helps in the creation of collagen.
- It can reduce blood pressure significantly.
- It helps in the dilation of the vessels and in the transfer of nutritional elements in the skin.

- It helps and reduces the danger of cardiovascular diseases.
- It helps and limits muscle and bone pains colics and asthma bouts.
- It provides us with energy.
- It calms the neural system.
- It contains Β-sitosterol, a powerful ingredient that acts against cholesterol maintaining it in low levels.
- It prevents the procedures that transform the chemical substances in the organism into carcinogen diseases.
- Studies showed that it can prevent the appearance of cellulite.
- It helps in the better cardio, neuromuscular function and in the health of bones.
- It acts as an antiseptic, increasing the diffusion of blood in the injured area while it stimulates the skin tissues and cells, which are responsible for the treatment of the wound.