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  1. Genuine Aloe Barbadensis sales
  2. In our company you can find and buy genuine Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plants in order to start your own production. The plants are accompanied by a certificate that verifies their authenticity.
    We sell at the best price in the market because we do not aim to make a profit from the sales of the plants. Our primary goal is to develop the production of Aloe in our country.
    The plants that we sell are already from 12 to 16 months old and they need up to 3 years to fully develop and get into the production process.

    Make your purchase and start your own production!

  3. Services to facilitate cultivation
  4. With the help of our company you can feel safe with your investment!
    • There is going to be a contract - private agreement between each client and our company according to which the company will have to buy the farmer's production in order to the process it and export it to other foreign companies.
    • We are to make the planting in your field.
    • We are to make the milling in your field.
    • We are to make the study for the irrigation system needed for the watering of your plants and will instruct you about the distance the plants will need to be planted, as well.
    • Regular visits to your field in order to supervise the proper development and cultivation of the plantation.

  5. Processing of Aloe Vera leafς
  6. Our company is the only one in Europe that has a contemporary factory for the processing of Aloe’s leaf. Thanks to our fully trained and qualified staff we can guarantee for the quality of jelly pump from leafs, following all rules and process control regulations.


Production *
the production of Aloe takes about 2 and a half years. Harvesting the leaves when they are ready, is the only thing that needs to be done in order to proceed to the gel pumping.
In afield of 1000sqm, 1500 to 2000 plants can be planted, depending on dimensions, and can make a profit of 7.000€ - 13.000€ a year!

to get started with your own production, please contact us!

Written agreement contracts
When coming to an agreement we sign a contract so that you can be sure that we’ll buy your aloe leafs production when they are considered ready for entering the extraction process.

Guaranteed Aloe Vera plants

We sell certified genuine aloe plants in a size that will yield fast results.

Contact info

Address: industrial area of Iraklion Crete Δ & Θ corner
Tel. num: 2810 381818 & & 2810 380521
Mobile: 6934712434

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