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A few words about us

The “Aloe Vera – Hellas Ltd” company was established at Iraklion Crete and its main activity is the cultivation and procession of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plants. Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is a cactus plant which is used in cosmetics but also has many medical and healing abilities. It is used by great pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies worldwide.
The factory, which is still under construction, is going to be the first and most innovative and modern in Europe working on the extraction of gel out of aloe leafs. The company will be staffed by fully trained and qualified people. We sell certified plants of genuine Aloe and we guarantee the quality of the gel we extract following all the rules and sanitary legislations of proceeding Aloe Vera leafs.

The “Aloe Vera- Hellas” company aims to the cultivation of the plant and then the processing of it. I terms of cultivation, the company is eager to aid the cultivators in any aspects so as to make their production as good and profitable as possible. The plant of Aloe Vera can easily be grown in any soil, and its productivity lasts years. It has no need of pesticides since there aren’t any plant diseases which can affect it. The only enemy is the snail which, nevertheless, can easily be opposed. All the cultivations which are going to take place will be absolutely organic.
The organic gel production will be forwarded to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Written agreement contracts
When coming to an agreement we sign a contract so that you can be sure that we’ll buy your aloe leafs production when they are considered ready for entering the extraction process.

Guaranteed Aloe Vera plants

We sell certified genuine aloe plants in a size that will yield fast results.

Contact info

Address: industrial area of Iraklion Crete Δ & Θ corner
Tel. num: 2810 381818 & & 2810 380521
Mobile: 6934712434

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